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Quick one today:

Ran into an interesting version of the familiar error message. When installing Sql Server 2012 on a Windows Server 2012 R2, this error appeared.

Please note that, during pre-install checks, it just highlighted lack of .Net 3.5 it as a warning, but not as a failure. When installation is attempted, it fails asking for .Net 3.5.

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Setup

The following error has occurred:

Error while enabling Windows feature : NetFx3, Error Code : -2146498298 , 
Please try enabling Windows feature : NetFx3 from Windows management tools 
and then run setup again. For more information on how to enable Windows features, 
see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=227143

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=20476&ProdName=Microsoft%20SQL%20Server&EvtSrc=setup.rll&EvtID=50000&ProdVer=11.0.5058.0&EvtType=0x681D636F%25401428%25401


It seems like a cryptic error message, but its just a different variation of the same old “Missing .Net 3.5” error message. To resolve follow these steps:

Step 1:

From Task Bar, open Server Manager. Go to Manage, Add Roles and Features.


Step 2:

In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click through the initial screen; When you are in ‘Installation Type’ tab, choose ‘Role-based or Feature-based installation’.



Step 3:

Under Server Selection tab, choose the appropriate server name. If you are running it on the server, its name will be displayed in the Server Pool section.


Step 4:

Skip the next section (Server Roles). Installation of .Net 3.5 is under Features. In the Features section, click the check box to install .Net 3.5.


Step 5:

Components necessary to install .Net 3.5 are usually not readily available, so having access to Windows Server 2012 DVD or ISO would be necessary.


In the Confirm Installation Selections step, at the bottom of the screen, click on Specify an alternate source path link to specify the path to Windows Server 2012 ISO.

Once necessary binaries are identified, installation will progress to completion.

Then reattempt, Sql Server installation.


Hope this helps,

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