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Quick one today:

A few days ago, as part of installing Sql Server 2016, we needed to install R Service on a lab machine. During installation, we learnt that the Sql Server DVD/media does not have necessary CAB files to perform installation. We ran into this situation:

Setup was unable to contact the download server. 
Provide the location of the Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Server 
installation files and click 'Next'. 
The installation files can be downloaded from:




Since our lab machines do not have internet access, these CAB files could not be downloaded by the install wizard. Using the URL’s, we could download the necessary install CAB files (2 files) to a local laptop and then copy the files over to the lab server.

Then point the install wizard to this location (local to the server) where both the CAB files are present. See image below:



Once the CAB files path is identified, rest of the installation progresses smoothly. See image below with R Service installed.


Hope this helps,

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