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Interesting one today:

Occasionally we need to connect to Sql Server over Windows Authentication using different Windows user. This is a good step to manually check a few things about the validity or privilege level for that other Windows Account (there are other ways too).

One of the quickest way is to Connect to Sql Server over Windows Authentication using the other Windows account.

By default, when you open SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) under Windows Authentication, it pre-populates our current windows account. There are a couple of options to workaround that.

Solution 1: Use runas

From a windows command prompt or a Run window, run the following runas command with the other Windows user

runas /user:domain\user Ssms.exe

New SSMS window opens up with the above mentioned Windows User account pre-populated.

Solution 2: Use RunAs from windows menu

Same steps as above, but we use windows user interface to perform the same steps.

Right click on SSMS and go to pop-up menu:


On “Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio 17“, press Shift + Right click


On the new SSMS, you could specify the new Windows Account (or Domain Account) to use for login.

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